Building a shaw 650

I'm not 100% sure how the conversation started, but I'm positive several cocktails were involved. I was talking to my good friend Christian about building another cedar strip kayak. Then after a couple more drinks the idea was born to build something "fun"... a sailboat... a FAST sailboat. We are both experienced sailors who work in the boating industry. We have both built cedar strip vessels, so why not?

Over the ensuing weeks we scoured the Internet for designs. Our desires were for a high performance skiff / sport-boat which we could enjoy with friends and build ourselves.  We’ve both spent many hours on 20ish foot boats like the J-24, Sonar, Santa Cruz 27, Viper 640, Viper 830 and Melges 24. All of which would foot the bill, but were not readily accessible to build-it-yourself projects.

During the hunt I happened across some of Rob Shaw's sexy designs. Check out for more information on his designs.

Christian and I bantered back and forth via email and soon found ourselves back in the conference room at our local watering hole. We let the whole process sink in. We would be investing a large chuck of our lives into this boat... But, shortly after the next "round", it was settled. We would build a Shaw 650.

Sailing Passion